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The rivet is a fastening system consisting of two parts: head and nail. The head is the part that deforms and allows the materials to be bonded together. The nail is the part that deforms the head; thus, the nail must always be made of a more tenacious material than the head. Tudela Rivets are an effective and safe solution when it comes to fastening. We offer the widest range of rivets on the market, from standard to structural rivets.

Lock bolts

It is a reliable and secure fastener that offers the widest range of clamping thicknesses.

They have a very high clamping force and can be installed extremely easily and quickly.

They are versatile, robust, safe and
extremely resistant.

Rivet Nuts

Remaches Tudela offers a wide range of rivet nuts suitable for providing reliable and efficient fastening in those materials where only one side is accessible for hardware installation.

Our nuts are available in all shapes,
materials and dimensions

Self Clinch Nuts

Thesenuts characterized by strong threading, provide high resistance to torsion and axial loads, thus achieving optimum results in demanding applications.

Self Clinch Studs

These studs, characterized by a strong thread, provide high resistance to torsion and axial loads, thus achieving optimum results in demanding applications. Available in steel, stainless steel A2 and stainless steel A2E, for use on steel, aluminum and stainless steel sheets.

Self Clinch Standoffs

This type of self clinch standoffs are manufactured in steel, stainless steel and aluminum, with the characteristics and technical requirements to be installed in steel, stainless steel or aluminum plates. With strong and resistant threads, which provide a guaranteed threading in the plates where they are inserted.

Weld Studs

Welding studs for capacitor discharge welding are used to make a thread in a sheet metal creating a high strength fastening combined with good aesthetic quality.

Riveting Tools

In Remaches Tudela, we have a wide range of machinery for riveting, both rivets, structural rivets and rivet nuts.

We have 3 different ranges, manual, oil-pneumatic and battery operated machines.