Blind rivets

The rivet is a fastening system consisting of two parts: head and nail. The head is the part that deforms and allows the materials to be bonded together. The nail is the part that deforms the head; thus, the nail must always be made of a more tenacious material than the head. Tudela Rivets are an effective and safe solution when it comes to fastening. We offer the widest range of rivets on the market, from standard to structural rivets.

Blind Rivets

Designed to guarantee a solid and durable fastening in standard rivet applications (preformed or flat metal sheets or plates)….

Multigrip Rivets

Its ability to rivet a wide range of thicknesses makes it perfect as a versatile fastening system. Body amplitude and deformation…

Peel Rivets

Designed for fixing soft and/or fragile materials (wood, rubber, plastic): the specific geometry of the nail head allows the formation…


Grooved Rivets

Ideal for non-metallic materials. The grooved body in the riveting process ensures a grip after deformation of the control head.



The Wood-lock rivet is ideal for joining metals and soft materials such as wood and plastics.
It is used in non-through holes and is an excellent alternative to wood screws and self-tapping screws.


Sealed Rivets

The sealed body guarantees impermeability between the body and the stem. Available in different materials and head styles, these rivets are not recommended for plastic and soft materials.



The trefoil rivet has been designed to fix soft and/or fragile materials (wood, foam, rubber, plastic): the specific geometry of the shank head allows the formation of…



The Tudibulb rivet is part of the structural range and has a large number of applications in every industrial sector.



The Tudinox rivet is part of the structural range and has a large number of applications in all industrial sectors.


The Cup-lock rivet is part of the structural range and is characterized by its exceptional strength, perfect hole filling and multigrip function.


The H-lock rivet is part of the structural range with exceptional tensile and shear strength.


Superbulb is a structural rivet with very high tensile and shear strength that supports a wide range of lockable thicknesses: from 1.5mm to 15.5mm depending on product size.

Twin Lock

The Twin-lock is a unique structural rivet.
The double sealing head formed after application makes the fastening extremely intact and reliable.

B Rivet

The B-rivet is the strongest rivet compared to all the structural rivets in our range.



Originally designed as a fastener for large plywood panels installed in trucks, Floorply is the only rivet that eliminates the hole pre-counting process because the tubular is built for controlled, balanced sinking into the material.

Double Mate

The Doublemate rivet is an aluminum and steel rivet consisting of two separate parts:

Blind rivet + tubular.

This combination allows the fixing of a large thickness that can be fixed on a large surface homogeneously on both sides.

Hammer Rivets

Hammer rivet designed for a wide range of applications in the construction industry. It does not require the use of the riveting tool.


Speed-riv is an innovative system of repeated riveting. The special shape of the head bulb with a reduced size, in addition to guaranteeing optimum tightening, offers more free space than conventional clamping systems.


Speed-vert is a riveting system with repetition.
This system allows you to control the installation process constantly and calibrated because, its light but reduces the possibility of damage to the or crumble sophisticated materials.


Speed-screw is a repetitive thread riveting system that has the advantage that it can be removed and reattached with a simple hex wrench; in fact, at the time of application, its body automatically creates the thread in the host material.